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Online Breathwork Courses – Reduction Series

Welcome to the Reduction Series of our Online Breathwork Courses. This series includes ten progressive audio files that guide you step-by-step through new breath techniques. Each file features detailed instructions, both audio and written, to help you master these techniques effectively and efficiently.

Technique Teaching – 10 Progressive Audio Files

The first four audio files provide progressive technique teaching and supporting instructional information. These files ensure you understand and can follow the new breath technique accurately.

In the following six audio files, you will gain further awareness around nasal breathing. These files reinforce the new technique with additional breath practices and exercises, all supported by instructional content.

Breath Reduction Series for Beginners & Intermediate

This series is perfect for beginner and intermediate breathers. It includes ten progressive audio files that guide you through rhythmic breathing exercises. Starting at ten breaths per minute, you will gradually reduce to four breaths per minute. The series includes combination breath practices and audio content to consolidate your new, reduced breath rate. As your diaphragmatic system’s conditioning improves, your ability to sustain deep and rhythmic breathing will transform.

Breath Reduction Series for Advanced & Elite

Designed for advanced and elite breathers, this series begins at four breaths per minute and reduces down to two breaths per minute. It features six progressive guided audio files that help you breathe rhythmically and deeply.

Rhythmic Breathing with Retentions

This series introduces breath retentions and begins with ten breaths per minute, reducing to four breaths per minute. All ten guided audio files are infused with short breath retentions that gradually increase in duration as your ability to hold your breath improves.

Relaxation and Meditation

Each course concludes with a relaxation and meditation period. This allows your body to recover, equalize, and create a new state of homeostasis.

Additional Information and Benefits

The package includes supporting information such as preliminary activities, the benefits of nasal breathing, the reasons for breathing through the nose, the detriments of mouth breathing, and numerous maintenance tips for optimal breathing for maximum health benefits.

Carefully crafted music, sound baths, and healing frequencies are infused throughout all audio files. They are designed to calm the mind, relax the body, warm the heart, and soothe the soul.


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