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Last updated: [13/09/2023]

Welcome to Before diving deep, let’s address a necessary formality.

I, the face behind Progressive Breathing, do not offer what’s typically described as a conventional disclaimer. Instead, I want to have a candid conversation with you. My aim here is to share personal experiences, insights, and techniques related to breathing. These are practices that have impacted the way I think, move, and feel.

It’s essential to note:

  • Your presence here is voluntary, and I’m merely sharing, not imposing.
  • I am not a certified doctor, researcher, or so-called “expert”. Instead, my knowledge comes from dedicated personal experimentation, exploration, reflection, and adaptation to what my body and mind have shown me over time.
  • My journey, fueled by passion and curiosity about health and well-being, has led me to this moment, where I genuinely believe I have valuable insights to share.

Now, for the legal gray areas: While I cherish the practice of intentional rhythmic nasal breathing as an act of self-love and care, please understand that the information and practices shared on this platform do not replace professional medical advice or treatment. I advocate for holistic self-care, but it’s vital to consult healthcare professionals for your specific needs.

Lastly, how you decide to interpret, apply, or react to the information here is solely your responsibility. Engaging with the content on this website is non-refundable and is entirely at your discretion.

For any clarifications or to reach out, email us at

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