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Progressive Breathing is a blend of Ancient Qi-Gong, Daoist, Yogic and Diaphragmatic Nasal Breathing Practices.

Progressive Breathing offers Private Coaching, Workshops & Events for Individuals, Groups & Teams, providing you with immediate actionable tools, resources, and applications to improve performance & optimize health. This unique practice & experience is affordable, safe, guided and naturally aligned with our body’s perfect design.   

By Intentionally harnessing the power of Rhythmic Diaphragmatic Nasal Breathing, all people have the opportunity to not only survive, but to THRIVE; Physically, Mentally and Spiritually!

Progressive Breathing cares for people & the planet, has a reverence for all life forms and values connection, sharing and togetherness. Our breath practice aims to accelerate personal health and healing, contributing toward the regeneration, transformation and creation of a community and environment that is healthy, happy, thriving and vibrant.

What is Progressive Breathing?

A guided slow, deep yet soft and subtle Diaphragmatic Rhythmic Nasal Breathing Practice combined with Ancient Qi-Gong, Yogic and Daoist principles …designed to assist you to heal, optimize your health and awaken your spirit.

Progressive Breathing is a daily or regular practice that can be utilized at anytime, or in any place… awareness and intention is all that’s required.

Everywhere we go, the breath is with us, it’s essential to life. The breath has the power to regulate and transform our thoughts, mood, actions, behavior and perceptions, that will happen either consciously or unconsciously, it’s purely your choice.

What does Progressive Breathing offer you?

How will this specific Nasal Breathing Technique & Practice change how I View, Sense, Absorb, Express and Perceive LIFE?

Why should I BREATHE through my NOSE?

Firstly, nose breathing both protects us and connects us. It protects us from the harmful toxins in the air by filtering, warming, and humidifying the air before it enters the body. Moreover, it strengthens our connection to the forever giving life force that pervades and surrounds us in every moment.

In addition, Nasal Breathing produces Nitric Oxide, which plays the very important role of dilating & expanding the blood vessels. Notably, on a cellular level, consistent Nitric Oxide production allows for a more efficient oxygen exchange, more effective nutrient and mineral absorption, and contributes toward faster detoxification and waste removal.

However, this is only a tiny snippet of the benefits that Nasal Breathing offers. To delve deeper, read more in the private members section. There, you’ll find out why conscious rhythmic nose breathing is so effective for regulating, maintaining & improving our health. In contrast, learn about unconscious mouth breathing, why it’s so destructive, and how this unconscious breathing habit has not only become a major contributor to our ill health but also a significant blockage in regenerating and restoring optimal health.

WARNING – This Breath Practice may lead toward Altered and Amplified States of Being!

What this Practice is NOT?

While this is NOT a meditation practice, it will certainly lead toward an amplified state of meditation. Similarly, this is NOT a relaxation therapy, but it undeniably steers one toward magnified states of relaxation, peace, & calm.

Furthermore, this sharing is a PRACTICE of INTENTIONAL BREATHING; it represents an act of Self-love and an act of Self-care. It’s important to note that Progressive Breathing is NOT a replacement for medical advice or treatment. However, it can indeed optimize every aspect of your health. There’s NO forcing, NO resistance, NO tension, and definitely NO stimulation of our automated fight or flight stress response. Instead, we just gently encourage the natural flow of the breath. Starting in a relaxed, rest & digest or parasympathetic state, we flow, we allow, and gradually, we sink deeper into a relaxed state of being.

You can find Intelligent Movement Practices to Align With Nasal Breathing here.

At its core, the ESSENCE of this sharing is found by actively engaging in the Breath Practice. However, the following words are just a tiny glimpse of the fragmented pathway that led to my curiosity. Subsequently, this curiosity drove my exploration and experimentation. As a result, I delved into understanding why I MUST breathe through my nose and, furthermore, how to do that more efficiently.

Progressive Breathing

“I was fortunate enough to experience this unique breath practice online, and I’ve been practicing conscious nose breathing almost daily over the previous 3 months. With a history of asthma, nose bleeds, hay fever and other pollen allergies, my doctor was blown away by the profound improvements to my health in such a short time. I haven’t had the usual bouts of coughing or sneezing, I sleep much better, I exercise more often without the wheezing or shortness of breath, I recover faster and I rarely get a cold or respiratory infections. I’ve also lost a few kilo’s and my medication & ventilation use has also reduced quite significantly. Nose breathing has restored my health, now I’m on a quest to optimize my life and thrive!”

Aizen Leca,


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