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rhythmic nasal breathing

What Health Benefits will a Nasal Breathing Practice bring to my Well-being ?

Embarking on a nasal breathing practice can be a transformative experience for your well-being. By simply changing how you breathe, you can tap into a wealth of health benefits. Such as:

  • Activates the Vagus Nerve & Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for regulating mood, digestion & heart rate.
  • Sends more Oxygen to your Brain and Bodily Organs
  • Decreases Neuropathic Pain and Depression.
  • Increased Red Blood cell production.
  • Better cellular absorption of Nutrients and Minerals.
  • Reduced anxiety, mental stress and body tension
  • Can be used as a tool to Manage Stress or Anxiety.
  • Improved sporting, physical & sexual performance/stamina.
  • Improved work/career performance.
  • Faster recovery from exercise /injury
  • Lower resting Heart Rate and healthy Blood Pressure.
  • Improved Blood Circulation & Nerve Stimulation
  • Amplified Relaxation, Peace & Calm.
  • Preventative of Disease and Reduces Inflammation.
  • Increased Energy and Vitality.
  • Thought Clarity & Inner Confidence.
  • Improved Organ, Blood and Tissue function.
  • More efficient removal of waste products.
  • Improved overall Health & Well-being.
  • Assists in the Removal of Excess Weight & Body Fat.
  • Increased Immune and Detoxification Function.
  • Better Respiratory Function.
  • Increased Lung Volume & Capacity.
  • A Stronger pelvic floor.
  • Stronger abdominal, intercostal & oblique muscles.
  • Creates greater body awareness.
  • May lead to altered or higher brain wave states.
  • Helps to decalcify, open & activate your pineal gland.
  • Brain, Gut & Heart Coherence.
  • Increased Serotonin & Melatonin production.
  • Improved cerebral spinal fluid flow.
  • Increased Healing and Recovery capabilities.
  • Protects us from harmful toxins in the air by filtering, heating and humidifying the air before it enters the lungs.
  • Reduced risk of inhaling toxins & developing chest infections.
  • Adds moisture to the inhaled air to prevent dryness in the lungs & bronchial tubes.
  • Warms or cools the air to body temperature before it enters the lungs.
  • Adds resistance to the air stream which helps to maintain the lungs elasticity.
  • It’s our connection to the life force, ether and external world.


When we consciously practice acts of self-love and self-care with the purest of intentions, our emotive state is elevated and we naturally vibrate on a higher frequency. A frequency that is closer aligned with the earth’s resonance and heart beat,  you may feel more connected, aligned, centered, grounded and balanced.

Discover the benefits of Nasal Breathing today! Progressive Breathing offers online diaphragmatic nasal breathing guidance, learn more about them.

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