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I do NOT have a doctorate or any letters preceding my name, I am NOT a research scientist… I do NOT wear a white coat or black suit, and I do NOT claim to be an expert… what I have done and what I continue to do, is this:

I experiment, I explore and I intentionally practice…I listen to my body, I allow my body time to adapt, I reflect and I adjust… then I repeat that process… By repeating that adaptive and progressive process, coupled with the desire to optimize my own health, lifestyle and spiritual development, I started to read and research more and I continued the practice of experimenting daily with my own body mind/mind body… which led me to this present moment… to a point of self-trust and inner confidence that I have something of great value and worth to share.  The only intention I have for creating this platform is to simply share my experiences.

Before you do anything, begin to prepare your body/mind for the practice or task ahead, begin by closing your lips, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and start creating more awareness around breathing intentionally through your nose.

– Rinse your mouth out with or gargle salt water… like ocean water the salt acts a conduit to hold and transfer a electromagnetic charge. There is magnetism in our blood, in our saliva and in the air we breathe.

– Massaging your sinus ducts, this helps to open and clear a pathway for the sinus cavity to function optimally.

– Clear your lungs and throat of excess phlegm or obstructions.

– Clear the nasal passage of excess mucus or obstructions.

– Empty and Release your bowels and bladder before commencing the breath practice.

– Fast… Do NOT drink or eat before the breathing practice.

– Be completely awake and conscious. Expose yourself to direct contact with the sun or natural light before commencing.

– Ensure that you are warm.

– Soft lighting, preferably shaded or dark, eye shields or masks are a handy option to use.

– Find a quiet, comfortable space that has a consistent temperature and atmosphere.

– Reduce or Eliminate any exposure to toxins or pollutants in the air.

– Breathe in an environment that has NO artificial heating or cooling.

– Stay out of the Wind or cold environments as this could also be distracting.

– Reduce the possibility of any external distractions or interference.

– Turn OFF your WIFI / Tablet or Phone etc…reduce your EMF exposure.

Movement and Cathartic Exercise!

Use the nose breathing technique during all movement and exercise… until you can’t.

Usually the initial breath hunger during exercise and nose breathing comes from the build up of carbon dioxide, train yourself to expel the CO2 through the mouth while continuing to inhale through the nose… until you can’t.

The next step is to continue taking every second breath in & out through the nose, then every third… the longer you can breathe through your nose during exercise, the more beneficial to the body that investment of awareness, effort and time will become.

If you find yourself breathing through the mouth often, simply re-adjust, act, and take 3 conscious deep breaths through the nose.

See 15 great reasons in the Benefits of Nose Breathing relating specifically to Exercise.

A variety of cathartic exercise, progressive strength, mobility, stability and balance training is recommended to be performed regularly. 

The body, and the  breath in particular, loves harmony & rhythm. Make an effort to synchronize or align your rhythmic conscious breathing with harmonic flowing movement, and you will amplify your ability to perform and recover more efficiently.

I suggest to do something rhythmic & cathartic, elevating your heart rate for at least 30 minutes or more, sweat and detox through your biggest organ: the skin. 

Running, dancing, rowing, swimming or hiking are preferably, something full body that you can perform outside in nature, that is fun and satisfying. Do the things that makes you feel alive and immersed in your body. Feel your heart pumping, muscles squeezing and lungs expanding.

Become more aware of the sensations of the physical body. Challenge yourself physically more often, we exist in this physical reality, it’s our connection to the world we live in.

Honor your physical body, it’s  your responsibility. Be kind, take care and practice acts of self-love often. Be intentional and move and exercise with effort, to the point of physical exhaustion, not always, but regularly.

Please do not cheat your body or take it for granted. You’ve all heard the expression, ” use it, or lose it “, and it’s true when it comes to our body. If we don’t use it to its optimal capabilities, it descends into a process of decline and ultimately death.

It is your responsibility and your choice, your body, your reality, your destiny, seize the moment, and seize the opportunity. Every moment is an new opportunity to improve how you move, think and feel.

The following list is also medicinal and are acts of self-love and self-care. I strongly recommend you pay attention and apply these methods to support the breath:

– Meditation.
– Hydration.
– Nutrition.
– Relaxation.
– Fun, Laughter,  Play, Dance and life Celebration.
– Quality Sleep.
– Sun Gazing, Moon Gazing, Star Gazing, Sky Gazing, Ocean Gazing.
– Grounding and Earthing in and with Nature. Contribute back to the earth just as it serves you.
–  Apply Love, Passion and Purposeful Expression to the life you live and the people you live with or around.
– Progressive Intermittent Fasting.
– Self Massage and Fascial re-patterning.
– Learning and Unlearning ( personal growth ) ‘KNOW THYSELF’.
– Sound Bath Therapy.
– Cold Water Therapy.
– Infra Red Sauna, rinse your body from the inside out.
– Unconditional service to life: Unconditional kindness, giving, sharing or caring does not have to be always directed toward the service of humans. Your contribution back into the earth can be taking care of any form of life, such as the animals, plants and keeping our environment clean.

– Learn Natural Lore.
– Love and Share Unconditionally.

– Express Authentically.

-Be Grateful and Kind…Always.


I’m careful and mindful to not preempt, predict or place any information toward you that may detract, deter or distract you from your own unique individual experience.

I’m just sharing a few of my own personal sensations.

What you personally experience is uniquely subjective to you.  Your bodily response to this breath practice will depend on your:

– Mood & Stress Levels.
– Mental, Emotional & Physical State of Being
– Current Health State & Fitness Level.
– Previous & Current Lifestyle Choices.
– The amount of practice and experience you have intentionally had nose breathing.

Some of the sensations I’ve experienced include:

– A Throbbing and/or tingling/buzzing/bubbling between and behind the eyes.
– Cranial bones expand and shift.
– Magnetic Activity between the saliva, teeth, Tongue & Top Palate
– Visual – A Kaleidoscope of Colors, varying shades of white purple orbs is what I see, if you’ve ever seen a lava lamp, you may be able to visualize what I’m trying to articulate in words.
– A  physical sensation of weightlessness, lightness or hollowness, at other times I feel as though I’m sinking into the earth, ground or floor.
– A Temporal Cessation of Thoughts & Thinking.
– A Rhythmic Beat / Pulse in the Middle of your Brain that begins to control/regulate my breath without any effort required. The pulse synchronizes with your heart beat.

– Full Body tingling, vibrations or goose bump like sensations, usually starting in the toes/feet and fingers/hands, progressing to moving up the spine and into the brain.

If you are curious to find out more, check out using the breath as a Spiritual Practice.

Simply take half breath in through the nose and into the stomach and hold…and if required, you can use that air you’ve just inhaled into the belly and pull it up into the lungs… this really should satisfy your breath hunger until the next breath pattern recommences… wait to pick back up on the cues, and fall back in, there is no rush, nowhere to go, nowhere to be, just be patient, your oxygen saturation levels will balance out and your ability to dispose of waste products such as CO2 will naturally improve over time, throughout this exercise and through further progression & intentional practice.

You can use this simple recovery or safety breath at any time throughout the retention if you are feeling any breath hunger or airway and chest discomfort.

The safest way to increase how long you can retain your breath is to slowly progress and listen to your body, slowly build your tolerance to carbon dioxide over time, the body adapts and responds very well with gentle intentional encouragement as opposed to continual force and stress.

In this reflection, I’d like to share my personal perceptions, which emerge from connecting dots, decoding, research, and what resonates within me. It’s important to emphasize that I don’t claim to possess absolute knowledge. In fact, I believe that my understanding is rather limited in comparison to the vast world around me. Describing my visions, senses, feelings, and what resonates with me from research and personal experiences can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best, recognizing that the fluidity of life means that these perceptions will evolve as my journey continues.

For optimal results, I recommend starting this practice on an empty stomach after fasting and emptying your bladder and bowels. Avoid consuming any liquids or food before commencing. Rinsing your mouth with salt water can be a helpful step.

So, what’s the significance of upgrading your breathing technique and how can it make a difference?

In Daoist philosophy, the Ren Mai (Sun) and Du Mai (Moon) meridian points on the lips and tongue play a vital role. Placing the tip of your tongue just behind the top teeth on the roof of your mouth forms a special energy circuit, connecting the Vagus Nerve (often referred to as the Tree of Life) or Pneumo Gastric Nerve (meaning “Breath” in Greek) from above (heaven) to below (earth) through the medium of air (spirit). This connection travels through major organs, including the brain, heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach, gall bladder, and down to the sacrum, perineum, and genitals.

The Microcosmic Orbit and the Celestial Bodies within:

The Governer Channel (Ren Mai) – Starting at the Perineum (The Gate of Life & Death) – Sacrum (Coccyx Pump) – Kidneys (Door of Life, L2/L3) – Adrenals (T11) – T5 (Opposite the Heart) – C7 ( Opposite the Throat, Connects Arms & Hands) – Occuput (Small Brain, Cranial Pump, Jade Pillow) – Crown (Pineal Gland Point, Crystal Room) – Mid Eye (Pituitary Gland Pont) – Finishing at the Top Lip Meridian.

Functional Channel (Du Mai) – Starting at the Perineum (Gate of Life & Death) – Ovary/Sperm Palace, Genitals) – Naval (Spleen) – Solar Plexus (Pancreas, Intestines) – Heart (Thymus Gland, Rejuvination Centre) – Throat (5th Chakra) – Finishing at the Bottom Lip Meridian Point.

The act of swallowing saliva, sometimes referred to as “Jing – The Golden Elixir,” is significant here. Saliva contains essential enzymes, minerals, and salts like potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The process involves sliding and gliding the tongue from the top palate down to the gums of the bottom teeth while producing saliva. This action also involves pressing or clenching the teeth, akin to the biblical imagery of Moses striking the rocks together, and creating a seal between the tongue and cheeks.

This practice is associated with the concept of the “Sacred Secretion.” A generative seed, symbolized by references to Jesus and the fish, is formed every month in the Solar Plexus and ascends the spine for amplification in the pineal and pituitary body. However, this process is unlikely to occur if the body contains alcohol, sugar, or leavened bread. A clean vessel and a clear mind, free from carnal thoughts, are necessary for this magnification process to take place.

For further understanding, I recommend reading “The Tree of Life, Transmutation, and the Word Made Flesh” by George W. Carey. Anaya Science Witch also offers excellent books explaining this process, which is rooted in ancient Daoist teachings and encoded within the Bible.

Moving on to the physiological aspects, the Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland are essential components. The Pineal Gland contains Calcite Crystals with embedded Magnetite. By applying biomechanical force or pressure to these crystals, they generate an electromagnetic current known as piezoelectricity. This phenomenon can lead to altered brain wave states, visions, a sense of weightlessness, and increased intuition.

In this practice, there’s a balance between male and female energies, positive and negative, solar and lunar, and various symbolic representations such as Mary and Joseph, Holy Ghost, Spirit, Breath, Blood, Prana, Life Force, Qi, Chi, and Kundalini. It’s closely related to the four elements – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, reflecting the principle “As within, so without. As above, so below.”

The Vagus Nerve serves as a central conduit, connecting all seven energy centers (chakras) and major organs, spanning from the mid-brain to the genitals. The seven chakras encompass the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Scalar energy, the interplay between milk and honey, and the exploration of esoteric and occult knowledge play essential roles in this inner alchemy practice. It emphasizes the liberation of the body from the constraints of the mind, with the understanding that the human nervous system doesn’t differentiate between thinking and doing; it absorbs and responds to both.

The text delves into the role of blood, plasma, and cerebral spinal fluid in this practice. Cerebral spinal fluid is closely related to sea/salt water, aiding in the conduction of electrical signals. It contains neurotransmitters, proteins, and hormones, unifying the nervous and vascular systems into a single entity.

This fluid, often referred to as Jing or the Vital Life Force in Daoist teachings, is said to permeate both inside and outside us. It’s also linked to DMT and Melatonin production.

Furthermore, the practice explores the use of sound and vibration for healing, promoting an internal expression that reverberates through the physical and into the earth and the ether. Over time, cumulative nerve stimulation enhances the amplification of the Vagus Nerve connected to the pineal and pituitary glands.

The section on flexing or pumping the sacrum and perineum emphasizes their role in encouraging the movement of cerebral spinal fluid up the spine. This action mimics the contraction experienced during an orgasm and is believed to help move the fluid, potentially leading to increased production. Cerebral spinal fluid plays a protective role in the nervous system and is present in the ventricles of the brain.

The Ventricular System, responsible for circulating and producing cerebral spinal fluid, is believed to circulate up to three to four times daily along the microcosmic orbit. This orbiting is thought to produce around 600 ml of fluid daily.

The concept of inner alchemy further highlights the role of the Claustrum in producing a secretion that travels through the Vagus Nerve, picking up the Germ Seed and returning to the Pineal/Pituitary Body. This process involves mixing essential minerals and salts, saliva, breath, cerebral spinal fluid, Germ Seed, Melatonin, and DMT.

It is suggested that DMT is released during birth and death, raising questions about whether DMT release also accompanies rebirth or enlightenment.

Retention Tips

That’s subjective in my view, as the body has an innate bio feedback system that’s rarely wrong, I’d be inclined to trust, tap into and listen to that… if you practice what you are capable of each time, each time you practice your ability gets progressively better… it’s that easy.

The safest way to increase how long you can retain your breath is to slowly progress and listen to your body, slowly build up your tolerance to carbon dioxide over time, the body adapts and responds very well with gentle intentional encouragement as opposed to continual force and stress.

Personally I like to only inhale a half breath in if the retention is after the inhale, a full inhale is also okay, most of that air will be absorbed during the retention leaving ample space for the following inhale when the retention time finishes and the breath pattern recommences.

When the retention time comes after the exhale, allow the air to simply fall out, no forcing or pushing… and then close your jaw. Ensure your tongue is completely on the your top palate and use a healthy amount of saliva, just completely relax, observe and feel… nothing to do… just be aware and just be!

That’s subjective in my view, as the body has an innate biofeedback system that’s rarely wrong. I’d be inclined to trust and listen to your body… if you practice what you are capable of each time, each time you practice gets progressively better… it’s that easy.

The point is to get to where you feel is the edge of your comfort zone, and then just hover there, and simply be with the discomfort. Focus on relaxing. Don’t fight or force. Observe whatever arises in you with detachment. Calm your mind. It’s not happening TO YOU, it’s happening FOR YOU! Remember that gentle gradual progression works much better than grind and force.

Personally I feel anywhere between 30 & 90 seconds is a good amount of time to gain benefits and potentially up to 2 – 2 1⁄2 minutes depending on your experience and physical fitness levels… without creating any oxygen deprivation or potential damage to the body… we want to experience a little bit of stress and cortisol so we can naturally adapt… but not too much stress that we find ourselves back in an autonomic fight of flight state , finding that balance takes time and patience…

If your face is turning blue or it feels like your head or chest is about to explode, or if a fuse is about to short out in your eye ball… then I’d suggest you’ve taken it a little too far…and I’d recommend that you immediately take a breath…

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