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Creating Self Awareness leads to Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health and Awakening

Empowerment and Elevation: A Journey into Authentic Self Awareness

Creating Self Awareness, Navigating Thoughtful Change and Amplifying Your Best Effort

While embarking on the journey toward greater Self Awareness leading toward “Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health, and Awakening,” it’s imperative to understand not only our actions but also the underlying motives behind them, the consequences and subsequent contribution of my choices and are they aligned to my core values and objectives.

Transformation extends beyond mere wishes and intentions, it demands a thorough revaluation of our behaviors and a deep connection to how we think, move and feel. When utmost effort is fueled by genuine intention, it evolves into enhanced efficacy.

Engaging in honest self-inquiry, we must embrace questions that illuminate the relationship we have with ourselves and our environment. Viktor Frankl wisely asserted, “Between stimulus and response there is a space… in that space lies our power to choose our response.” Thus, exploring his wisdom, it’s apparent that the potency of responsible choice emerges as the path to liberation and creation. 

You are Powerful Beyond Measure! Think, Choose and Act Wisely, as those THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS and ACTIONS reverberate throughout the UNIVERSE and CO-CREATE the REALITY we individually and collectively PERCEIVE, SENSE & FEEL!

This is your personal RESPONSIBILITY, to become a CONDUIT for positive ORGANIC TRANSFORMATION, as within, so without, as above, so below!

Internal Anarchy & Alchemy - Freeing Your Body from the Slavery of Your Mind!

How do you Build or Create a road map toward achieving Inner Confidence, Self-Belief and Self Awareness  leading toward High Performance, Self Mastery, Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment?

Unfortunately, some of you may be seeking a quick fix or fast solution, unfortunately I do not gift those immediate pleasures or instant gratifications through this pathway. This Quest follows my Progressive Practice theory and it can take some time and energy investment to achieve the long lasting results and transformations that you are seeking. It would also be a disservice to spoon feed or just give you the solutions, what I am prepared to do however is give you the you ask those questions and how honestly you answer them and apply them to your own life situation is your responsibility.

Firstly, ask yourself this… If I was to continue on the same path or trajectory that I’m currently on, where will that take me in 3, 6 or 12 months time? Think about your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health, your Relationships(Public, Private & Intimate), Your Career and your Reverence for Life.

Am I prepared to SACRIFICE comforts, instant GRATIFICATION and immediate PLEASURES?

Doing something worthy in your life or to be rewarded with the optimal lifestyle or health outcomes you dream of usually is NOT handed to you on a silver plate! Are you prepared to be challenged, to suffer and experience pain and discomfort in order to change your lifestyle, health and contribution to humanity?

If you want to Transform how you think and feel, first know what you are doing and why you are doing it, then change what you do, don’t do the same things in a different way, most likely that will NOT transform anything, rather it will reinforce more what you are doing, thinking and feeling!

If you want the freedom of your body to be unshackled from the slavery of your thinking and emotions, then this process may be of assistance to you. If you are looking for a quick fix… then you are looking in wrong place and theoretically wasting more valuable time and energy, contradicting the quick fix approach by wasting time by looking for it. Stupidly enough people spend their whole life or a considerable amount of time, money and energy seeking a fast solution or a quick fix… if they were to use that time and energy to actually do something productive and constructive for themselves, they would be far better off…and so would the world around them and it would no doubt take less time, less effort and be more empowering.

What if I was to suggest taking a 1% weekly improvement approach, over a 50 week period, that would equate to a 50% improvement, more if you were motivated to elevating to a 1.5 or 2% increase, and you could quite easily argue that this is a fast solution and quick fix. Let’s use an example and say I am 50 years of age, and I’ve been making my own lifestyle choices from the age of 18, then it’s taken me 32 years to get to my current state, which of course was my own responsibility, so a 50% improvement over the course of 1 year is a quick fix, its safe, progressive and sustainable, not to mention intelligent. One Breath at a time and One Step at a time, it’s that easy!

I mention this as I too was looking and seeking for fast solutions, whether that was related to my health or financial situation, hoping for a better opportunity, looking for the best pill or supplement to be the answer of obtaining optimal health or buying lotto tickets or gambling for instant financial gain. On the flip side, I was escaping reality through immediate pleasures and instant gratification with the use of recreational drugs and by abusing alcohol and food. Consequentially it drained my resources, currency and time availability and I then did more of the things I was attempting to escape from…a crazy approach to take, and a harsh lesson to learn. Lets say I was fortunate enough to win the lotto, my financial situation would no doubt have been improved, but would that have improved my health, or my relationships, what would I then have contributed to? Would I have just had more finances to continue on my search for the quick fix, would that have changed my approach to life, would I have had more reverence for life or just more money to contribute to the things that have no value? I’ll leave that up to you to decide!

Progressive effort certainly has a greater advantage, and is based on doing the work required to gain inner wealth and prosperity, and when we do the inner work, the external things take care of themselves.

Firstly, I am by no means claiming to be a Master or Enlightened, nor am I suggesting that I am an Awakened individual, but I am attempting to improve myself daily and in each moment and I wanted to take the time to share how I have transformed how I move, think and feel throughout the previous 20 or so years and leading into this current moment. Perhaps I’ll begin with a little motto that I used to ask myself regularly, and you may also be able to apply this simple quote, realisation and action it to your own life.

LIFE happens for YOU, not to YOU…and YOU happen to LIFE!

My personal introspection began through questioning and self-reflection. Asking honest questions of myself, such as why do I do what I do, say what I say and react or respond as I do? Most of the questions initially were revolved around the WHY! Further down the track, I needed to ask deeper questions of course, which led to WHAT am I CONTRIBUTING toward, both on an energetic level, how that was effecting my health and also on an external level, WHAT was I CONTRIBUTING to, and who was benefiting from those choices and actions. Was I giving my Power away or was I Empowered by my choices and actions? I had come to also realise that NON-CHOICE and NON-ACTION was just as consequential, and was also contributing to my inner and external world!

I acquired knowledge through research and study from experts in different fields, and thought about how that applied to my life, not just my external living conditions or situations or how I came to be in the position that I was currently in, but I also looked deeper into my inner world and what I was conditioned by? What was my self-belief about myself and what external belief systems did I have about the world around me? Where did they come from, were they even my own and were they borrowed or ingrained? What was I repetitively telling myself with my internal dialogue and WHY? What type of relationship did I have with my deeper self, and how did I project that relationship into the external environment, nature and the people around me?

I thought critically and used discernment about the new information I was acquiring, whether or not that resonated within me. I also took an approach to let go of everything that I thought I knew. I made conscious choices and applied varying strategies to THINK and DO things differently. I listened to the perfectly inbuilt biofeedback or response system that I have and that we all possess, asking myself HOW did that make me FEEL? I reflected again, adjusted to what changes were needed and started the process over again. LISTEN-THINK-CHOOSE-ACT was a cyclical formula that I used regularly to great effect, and as my journey progressed, the questioning of course went deeper.

I’ve provided a list of reflective questions you can ask yourself about your current lifestyle and the circumstance you find yourself in, my only advice would be to write your answers down, express your honest answers into the physical so that  you can see them and reflect upon them. It can also beneficial to collect some data about yourself. How can you create awareness about the things that you do or transform how you think and what you choose if you are not aware of why you think the way you do or make the choices you do? Most of the questions I have provided can be applied to different areas in your life, such as career, exercise, nutrition and relationships.

Each moment is a continuation of the NOW, this is why its called the PRESENT, because it is a GIFT. A PRESENT is a GIFT, and it is a GIFT that continues to GIVE and it is the only time we have to CREATE! Creation flows through the NOW and through our BODY & BLOOD, use this GIFT of the PRESENT to be the CREATOR of your own LIFE, both Internally and Externally! Our BODY is an EXPRESSION and REFLECTION of our SELF-BELIEFS and our BODY is both in the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT is in the BODY, SPIRIT flows through as CREATION and TRANCENDS beyond. You are a POWERFUL BEING, remember that.

We are the creators of our own reality, whether that be within or externally. This is our personal responsibility.

We only learn through practicing something new, that’s what learning is, otherwise its just acquiring borrowed knowledge and we just know about something. Knowing and Knowledge are two different things, so is Intelligence and Intellect! Having a good memory is a helpful skill to have, but what does that mean? If the information we are remembering is incorrect and comes from a source that is unknown and untried, how do we know its credible and worthy of practicing and learning? We need to experience through feeling to learn and do things differently. By applying knowledge it transmutes into knowing!

There is a cause and effect attached to everything we think and do, the human nervous system does not know the difference between a doing experience and a thinking experience! In saying that, are we creators of our own reality? If we are contributing to an effect, I’d suggest we most definitely are, both internally and externally, and its time to take responsibility, no more victim/blame, its on every one of us to contribute to the greater good and stop doing harm to ourselves and others, and time to take a good hard look at what we are directly contributing to.

When you make your own choices you create your own reality and control your destiny, when choices are made for you, your reality and destiny is chosen for you, is that what you want? The choice is yours, so is the responsibility…take the opportunity NOW, and be the Creator of Destiny!

Self Discovery

Contemplate this Question…If I was to continue on the same path or trajectory that I’m currently on, where will that take me in 3, 6 or 12 months time? How will that IMPACT my future? Is that where I want to go, how I want to live and what I want to contribute toward? Is that the role model I want to be, what I want to project and what I am prepared to be RESPONSIBLE for? Think about your children and future grandchildren, family, friends, colleagues, fellow human beings, the animals and nature. If it is what you want to contribute toward, do you know why? Can you stand empowered in this moment, be honestly proud of who you are, what you stand for, and what you contribute toward, and know that legacy is going to serve your family, community and humanity for the greater good?

Creating Self Awareness leads to Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health and Awakening!

If you want to Transform how you think and feel, first know what you are doing and why you are doing it, then change what you do, don’t do the same things in a different way, most likely that will NOT transform anything, rather it will reinforce more of how you are feeling and what you are thinking!

*What Resources, Skills, Experience and Personal Attributes do I have?

*How can I use those Resources, Skills, Experiences and Personal Attributes to Create the Change I want to be, see, feel and be proud of?

*Where can I access and acquire more Resources, Skills and Experience to add to the Personal Attributes that I already have?

*Do I have access or exposure to other experts and professionals in the fields I’d like to learn and know more about?

  • Do we Create Self-Mastery Through Intentional Choosing, Planning and Applying Progressive Practice ?
  • Is Having positive thoughts and knowledge enough to create the Change I truly desire?
  • Am I Aware of the choices I make and the subsequent actions I take moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, week to week & month to month?
  • Why Do I choose and behave the way I do? Does that benefit me Physically, Mentally and Energetically?
  • Do my choices and actions contribute toward a healthier body & mind? Do my choices & actions contribute toward a better earth and humanity?
  • Am I Investing Quality Effort based on my Absolute Capabilities?
  • Do I Consciously Invest my Time Constructively?
  • Am I prepared to Let Go of the habits and comforts that no longer serve me?
  • Where, What, Why and How do I spend my time and energy (currency) ?
  • Do I Reflect, Revaluate or Question my Intentions and Answer with Complete Honesty?
  • Do I make Adjustments and Relevant Alterations based on how I Feel, Think and Move?
  • What Can I Do in this Current Moment to Improve how I Move, Think, Choose and Feel?
  • Do I Move with Freedom, Rhythm and Flow? Do I Move with Pain or Restrictions?
  • What is my Body communicating to me? Do I listen to that message and adapt accordingly?
  • Do I Think Critically with a Clear Mind? Do I use Discernment when absorbing Information and Choosing?
  • Am I Aware of the Impact that my Choices have and how that Contributes to my Body Composition, Operating System and Thought Processes?
  • How Do I Feel? Does my Body feel Enlightened and Empowered by my Choices and actions, or Dark and Heavy?
  • Am I in control of my choices and do I take 100% Responsibility for all my actions and subsequent outcomes of my choices & actions? What Do I know about Cause and Effect?
  • Do I Allow myself enough Time to Adapt and Change?

Each moment is a continuation of the NOW, this is why its called the PRESENT, because it is a GIFT. A PRESENT is a GIFT, and it is a GIFT that continues to GIVE, HERE and NOW is the only moment we have to CREATE! Creation flows through the NOW and through our BODY & BLOOD, use this GIFT of the PRESENT moment to be the CREATOR of your own REALITY, both Internally and Externally! Our BODY is an EXPRESSION and REFLECTION of our SELF-BELIEFS and our BODY is both in the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT is in the BODY. SPIRIT flows through as CREATION and TRANCENDS beyond the BODY, your REACH is infinite. You are a POWERFUL BEING, remember that.

How do I breathe?

  • Do I know how to breathe correctly and safely for optimal health benefits?
  • What do I know about breathing? Where did that knowledge come from? Have I explored different ways of breathing? Am I restricted in how I breathe?
  • Our body was designed perfectly, Am I aware of this perfect design, and do I use this perfect design to breathe optimally?
  • Am I aware of my normal breath pattern?
  • Do I breathe through my mouth?
  • Can I breathe through my nose?
  • Do I know the difference and impact of either breathing through my mouth or nose?
  • Have I educated myself about how the Respiratory System operates or what method is healthiest?
  • What Do I know about the Human Nervous System, Stress Response and how that effects my Breathing?
  • If my breathing was through the mouth, fast and shallow, how could that effect my health and performance?
  • If my breathing is through the nose, slow, deep and rhythmic, how will that effect my health and performance?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my sleep?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my nutrient absorption and waste removal capabilities?
  • Could my breath rhythm/pattern effect how I respond to stressful moments or situations?
  • Does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my physical performance and subsequent recovery?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my digestion, of food, emotions and thoughts?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my immunity, detoxification and protective qualities?
  • Does my breath rhythm/pattern contribute to my blood circulation and overall health?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my ability to Relax and stay Calm?
  • How does my breath rhythm/pattern effect my Spiritual Development?
  • What Am I Grateful for?
  • Am I grateful for all that I am?
  • Am I grateful for all that I have?
  • Do I express my gratefulness? How?
  • Am I ungrateful toward anything? Why?
  • Do I express my ungratefulness? How?
  • Am I jealous of what others have or do, or how others live and look? Why?
  • Do I focus on what I don’t have?
  • Is my attention on others and do wish to be like them or have what they have?
  • Do I have the essentials I require to survive & thrive?
  • What are the bare essentials that I require to survive and thrive?
  • Do I love who I am and Do I love what I do?
  • What does Success look like to me? Am I successful?
  • If others around me are successful, what is my response?
  • What does Failure look like to me?
  • What is a mistake?
  • If I make a mistake, what is my response?
  • If others make a mistake, what is my response?
  • Do I experience Pain, Suffering, Discomfort and Dis-ease?
  • What is Challenge? Can we consciously choose our own challenges?
  • Is there a good amount of Stress? Does adapting to stress make us stronger?
  • Does accumulation of bad Stress make us physically and mentally weaker? What is bad stress? Where does it come from? What is weakness? How do I identify weakness? Do I identify weakness in others? How? If I can Identify weakness in others, could that be a reflection of the things I don’t like about myself?
  • Am I grateful for the current moment and the opportunity and gift that it brings?
  • Who Am I?
  • What do I Stand for or Represent and Why?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Why do I do the things I do?
  • Am I in CONTROL of the things that I do and the choices that I make?
  • Do I LOVE, TRUST, ACCEPT and RESPECT myself?
  • If I do NOT LOVE, TRUST, ACCEPT and RESPECT myself, can I truly and genuinely LOVE, TRUST, ACCEPT and RESPECT others?
  • Do I Speak and Express my subjective Truth?
  • Do I have REVERENCE for all living beings within Nature, including the animals, plants, trees, atmosphere, ocean, earth and waterways?
  • Have I ever inflicted harm upon any living beings within Nature? If so, why?
  • What do I FEAR, AVOID or DENY? Why?
  • Do I play the Victim/Blame and Guilt/Punishment Game?
  • What AM I addicted to, distracted by or escaping from?
  • Am I addidted to my phone or to food?
  • Does what I think I need Control Me?
  • Am I responsible for ALL of my experiences?
  • If I am NOT responsible, then who is?
  • Do I treat others as I’d like to be treated?
  • Am I the common denominator to everything that happens in my life?
  • What defines Success to you?
  • What defines Wealth to you?
  • Could Optimal Health, an Abundance of Experience and Personal Growth be regarded as Wisdom and Wealth?
  • How often do I find myself in a State of Pain, Stress, Anxiety or Depression?
  • Do I live in the present moment?
  • Is there any other moment that exists that is not the PRESENT?
  • What can I DO in this moment to improve how I MOVE, THINK and FEEL?
  • Is there an Energetic Response to everything that I think, choose, say and do?
  • Am I capable of silently Observing and Accepting as opposed to Judging and Criticizing?
  • How do I treat myself?
  • What is the internal Dialogue I use to describe myself?
  • What is the Internal Dialogue I use, say and believe about myself?
  • Where does that belief and Internal Dialogue come from?
  • How did I get Here, to this current situation?
  • Where do I come from?
  • Where Am I going?
  • Do I blindly or ignorantly Comply or Consent to offers and what I am told to do or how to behave?
  • What is the Consequence of my Compliance?
  • Who Benefits from my Compliance and Consent?
  • Does my ignorant Compliance and Consent to offers do Harm to others?
  • Am I Genuine and Authentic in my actions and when relating to others?
  • Am I an Actor or Role player depending on who I am relating to or who I am trying to please?
  • Could I be a People Pleaser? If so, Why?
  • Am I honest with myself when making decisions?
  • Do I have the Courage to make decisions?
  • WE all have a subjective Truth, do I have a need to always be right and be in control?
  • Am I open to other points of view, other perceptions and interpretations? If not, why not?
  • Does an Objective Truth exist?
  • Do I exercise FREE-WILL?

At the beginning of the content, I touched on the consequence of NON action, or NOT making a choice, there is no excuse for willful ignorance or consent and compliance based on blind belief. If you know about something, you have due diligence to take a stand, make a choice and act on the information that’s been offered. If you don’t know, be curious and make inquires and familiarise yourself with factual evidence, or at least gather information and listen to your body to find what may or may not resonate. Either way, there is a karmic or energetic response and consequence, and again, we must ask ourselves;

  • What exactly am I, or we contributing toward, at what expense and who is to gain, and what may be the potential outcome?
  • Is that what I want for myself, my children, my potential grandchildren and my fellow human being?
  • Do you care?


You are a creator and you are here to create, and creation flows through you and contributes to both your inner world and external world. What if I was to tell you that you are a God, perhaps with amnesia…nonetheless…a very POWERFUL being!

  • What if I was to tell you that your are an alchemist and anarchist, but you just don’t know it?
  • Would you like FREEDOM, to have the ability to free your body from the slavery and bondage of your mind and emotions?
  • Have we forgotten how powerful we are, both as an individual and a collective common-unity?



  • Do I know what am I contributing to or toward and why?
  • Is that Moral?
  • Does that align with Natural Lore?
  • Is Natural Lore Cause & Effect or Intention & Outcome?
  • Am I fluid with Life and prepared to be a Creator of Change?
  • How can I become a Creator of Change?
  • Am I stuck in comforts and fearful Change?
  • What do I fear?
  • Are my fears and lack of courage contributing toward a sick species?
  • Am I able to Feel and Observe Clearly whats happening within me and around me?
  • Does that align with the Lore of Nature?
  • Am I willing to Let-Go of the Past and what I think I know?
  • Am I prepared to be wrong about everything that I think I know?
  • If I am heavily influenced by others, where does my source of knowing truly come from?
  • Is that source of Information Credible?
  • How would I know?
  • Do I Blindly & Ignorantly Believe what others say?
  • Are my Choices or non-Choices heavily influenced?
  • How often do I Critically think about my Choices and Actions?
  • Are My Choices Habitual or Intentional?
  • What are my Choices based on and why? 
  • Do I live in Fear?
  • Have I got and do I apply Courage?
  • Do I have Morals?
  • What are Morals?
  • Do I listen to my Intuition?
  • What is Intuition?
  • Where does Intuition come from?
  • Is it Credible and should I listen to my Intuition?
  • What Am I Attracting and Absorbing from Life?
  • What Am I Projecting and Expressing back Into Life?
  • Do I project & express what I attract & absorb or do I attract & absorb what I project & express?
  • Do I seek and search for attention, approval or external validation for the things I do or want to do?
  • Who do I seek validation from?
  • Why do I need external validation from others?
  • When making decisions do I FEAR making a mistake?
  • Do I have a FEAR of FAILURE?
  • What is a Mistake or a Failure?
  • Does the outcome labelled a mistake or failure allow us an opportunity to learn and choose differently or better next time around?
  • Is it really a mistake and failure if that is the case?


When you make your own choices you create your own reality and control your destiny, when choices are made for you, your reality and destiny is chosen for you, is that what you want?

  • Have you considered the difference between Want V’s Need?
  • Do we always get what we want or do we receive what we need?
  • If I was to continue on the same path or trajectory that I’m currently on, where will that take me in 3, 6 or 12 months time?
  • Is that where I want to go?
  • Is that what I want to contribute to?
  • If it is what I want to contribute to, why?


Apply these question to your Personal Health, Personal Growth & Development, Career Path, Relationships (Public, Private & Intimate).

  • Am I prepared to SACRIFICE comforts, instant GRATIFICATION and immediate PLEASURES?


Doing something worthy in your life or to be rewarded with the optimal lifestyle or health outcomes you dream of usually is NOT handed to you on a silver plate!

  • Are you prepared to be challenged, to suffer and experience pain and discomfort in order to change your lifestyle, health and contribution to humanity?
  • What do I need to apply throughout my daily life to achieve Self Awareness & Self Mastery?
  • Do I have a level of Self-Belief, Self-Trust and Self-Confidence to achieve the outcomes I desire?
  • Could these applications be based on non-negotiable daily practices and attitudes?
  • What are some of the daily practices I currently apply?
  • Am I committed to a Breath Practice?
  • Am I committed to a Meditation Practice?
  • Do I commit to an Exercise, Movement or Martial Arts Practice?
  • Am I committed to eating clean, fresh, wholesome foods?
  • Am I committed to looking after my body so that it operates efficiently and effectively?
  • Do I practice acts of love and kindness, internally and externally?
  • How often do I express my gratefulness for all that I am and for the things that I have?
  • How do I apply Self-care and Self-love practices into my daily life?
  • Do I often learn something new?
  • How often do I let go of the things that no longer serve me?
  • Is Challenge and Adversity where we truly Learn, Grow and Thrive?


We only learn through practicing something new, that’s what learning is, otherwise its just acquiring borrowed knowledge and we just know about something. Knowing and Knowledge are two different things, so is Intelligence and Intellect! Having a good memory is a helpful skill to have, but what does that mean? If the information we are remembering is incorrect and comes from a source that is unknown, untried or outdated, how do we know its credible and worthy of practicing ? We need to experience through feeling to learn and do things differently. By applying knowledge it transmutes into knowing! Experiment, Explore and Question Everything!

  • What if I was to tell you that your are an alchemist and anarchist, but you just don’t know it?
  • Would you like FREEDOM, to have the ability to free your body from the slavery and bondage of your mind and emotions?
  • Have we forgotten how powerful we are?
  • How do we create our reality?
  • What are my CORE values?
  • Do I have CORE values?
  • What are CORE values?


Are Core Values fundamental, essential and non negotiable Personal Beliefs and Practices that govern how you think, behave, choose and act?

  • What are the attributes of Core Values?


Could some of those attributes be health, personal growth, self-care, self-love, responsibility, integrity, honesty, morality, kindness, truth, forgiveness ( we don’t know what we don’t know ), doing no harm, being in service to others and contributing to life, nature and the environment with reverence and respect?

  • How often do I audit my Core Values?
  • Do my behaviors always align with my CORE values?
  • If I was to audit my CORE values, do my actions and behaviors align with my values?
  • Where do I Invest my time, energy, currency and attention?
  • Does that time, energy, currenecy and attention investment hold value and/or contribute to a healthy body and a healthy mind?
  • Does that Investment of time, energy, currency and attention match my CORE values?
  • Am I the beneficiary of my time, energy, currency and attention Investment?


Most likely where you Invest you time, energy, currency and attention IS what your CORE values are!

  • Why do I eat the food that I eat?
  • Why do I eat at the times that I eat?
  • Do I care about what I eat?
  • Am I a habitual consumer of food?
  • Do I eat because I am hungry?
  • How do I know my body is hungry and needs nourishment?
  • How many food types should I combine in one meal?
  • Do I masticate (chew) my food before swallowing?
  • Am I breathing through my nose or mouth when I chew my food?
  • Am I producing enough saliva and enzymes in the chewing process to break those foods down before they enter the stomach?


If I was to continue on the same pathway with my eating choices, what state of health will I be creating for myself in  3, 6 or 12 months time?

  • Do I eat for nutritional reasons?
  • Do I eat for pleasure?
  • Could I be eating to comfort my emotional state?
  • Where do I source the food I eat from?
  • Can I be certain the food has been nourished by the earth and exposed to the sun?
  • Am I certain the food I consume has NOT been sprayed with chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides?
  • Can I be certain the food has NOT had preservatives added or NOT been genetically modified?
  • If the food I eat has been exposed to chemicals, preservatives or has been genetically modified, how does that effect my body?
  • Do I source my food directly from a farmer?
  • Has excessive human interference altered the structure of the food I consume?
  • If I am sourcing my food from a globalist company, who and what am I contributing to?
  • By NOT sourcing food directly from local farmers, how does that effect the local economy?
  • Do I have the resources or skills to nurture and grow some of my own produce?
  • Have I tried to nurture and grow some of my own produce?
  • How much effort and time have I invested in growing my own produce?
  • Did I get expert advice and research the best methods to support growing my own produce?How reliant am I on external providers to assist in getting the best possible nutrients and nourishment for my body?
  • If I am reliant on external sources, do I check the ingredients or where it has been grown or produced, how it has been packed or stored or what has been added?
  • Do I cook or prepare my own food for consumption?
  • Do I cook and prepare food for others to consume?
  • If I do cook and prepare food for others to consume, am I aware of my choices of food selections and how that may effect the people who are consuming that food?
  • Am I reliant on other people cooking and preparing the food I consume?
  • If I am reliant on other people cooking and preparing the food I consume, can I be certain that they diligently check the ingredients or choose the healthiest food available on the market?
  • Do I choose food based on the price?
  • Could I be choosing food based on the convenience?
  • Do I agree to eat specific foods to keep someone else happy, because its what they want?
  • How much thought do I actually invest in what goes into my mouth, what my body absorbs and how that contributes to my overall health and energy reserves?
  • How much food do I eat? Is that too much or not enough? How would I know?
  • Am I eating highly processed foods?
  • How much sugar is added to the food I eat? Is that sugar natural? Is sugar addictive?
  • How much seed oil is added to the food I eat?
  • What is the accumulative effect of consuming or cooking in vegetable or seed oils?
  • Is that healthy or dangerous?


We could continue and ask about the nutrient, mineral, essential salts and fats content of the food we consume and whether that gives us energy and sustenance or does it drain us of energy?

  • Is the body capable of breaking those foods down so they can be of use or is food being wasted and being thrown out the other end as a waste product?
  • Or is it sticking to our intestines and accumulating and causing us dis-ease?


Food is Medicine, were you aware of that?

As you can observe, that’s quite a lot of questioning, how relevant do you feel this is to you?

Have you taken these questions into consideration previously?

Will you be more mindful next time you source, buy or consume food?

In this reflection, I’d like to share my personal perceptions, which emerge from connecting dots, decoding, research, and what resonates within me.

It’s important to emphasize that I don’t claim to possess absolute knowledge. In fact, I believe that my understanding is rather limited in comparison to the vast world around me.

Articulating through words my visions, senses, feelings, and what resonates with me from research and personal experiences can be quite challenging.

Nonetheless, I’ll do my best, recognizing that the fluidity of life means that these perceptions will evolve as my journey continues.

For optimal amplification and electromagnetic activity, I recommend starting the breath practice on an empty stomach after fasting and emptying your bladder and bowels.

Avoid consuming any liquids or food before commencing. Rinsing your mouth with salt water can be a helpful step.

So, what’s the significance of upgrading your breathing technique and how can it make a difference?

In Daoist philosophy, the Ren Mai (Sun) and Du Mai (Moon) meridian points on the lips and tongue play a vital role. Placing the tip of your tongue just behind the top teeth on the roof of your mouth forms a special energy circuit, connecting the Vagus Nerve (often referred to as the Tree of Life) or Pneumo Gastric Nerve (meaning “Breath” in Greek) from above (heaven) to below (earth) through the medium of air (spirit). This connection travels through major organs, including the brain, heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach, gall bladder, and down to the sacrum, perineum, and genitals.

The Microcosmic Orbit and the Celestial Bodies within:

The Governer Channel (Ren Mai) – Starting at the Perineum (The Gate of Life & Death) – Sacrum (Coccyx Pump) – Kidneys (Door of Life, L2/L3) – Adrenals (T11) – T5 (Opposite the Heart) – C7 ( Opposite the Throat, Connects Arms & Hands) – Occuput (Small Brain, Cranial Pump, Jade Pillow) – Crown (Pineal Gland Point, Crystal Room) – Mid Eye (Pituitary Gland Pont) – Finishing at the Top Lip Meridian.

Functional Channel (Du Mai) – Starting at the Perineum (Gate of Life & Death) – Ovary/Sperm Palace, Genitals) – Naval (Spleen) – Solar Plexus (Pancreas, Intestines) – Heart (Thymus Gland, Rejuvination Centre) – Throat (5th Chakra) – Finishing at the Bottom Lip Meridian Point.

The act of swallowing saliva, sometimes referred to as “Jing – The Golden Elixir,” is significant here. Saliva contains essential enzymes, minerals, and salts like potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The process involves sliding and gliding the tongue from the top palate down to the gums of the bottom teeth while producing saliva. This action also involves pressing or clenching the teeth, akin to the biblical imagery of Moses striking the rocks together, and creating a seal between the tongue and cheeks.

This practice is associated with the concept of the “Sacred Secretion.” A generative seed, symbolized by references to Jesus and the fish, is formed every month in the Solar Plexus and ascends the spine for amplification in the pineal and pituitary body. However, this process is unlikely to occur if the body contains alcohol, sugar, or leavened bread. A clean vessel and a clear mind, free from carnal thoughts, are necessary for this magnification process to take place. For further understanding, I recommend reading “The Tree of Life, Transmutation, and the Word Made Flesh” by George W. Carey. 

Moving on to the physiological aspects, the Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland are essential components. The Pineal Gland contains Calcite Crystals with embedded Magnetite. By applying biomechanical force or pressure to these crystals, they generate an electromagnetic current known as piezoelectricity. This phenomenon can lead to altered brain wave states, visions, a sense of weightlessness, and increased intuition.

In this practice, there’s a balance between male and female energies, positive and negative, solar and lunar, and various symbolic representations such as Mary and Joseph, Holy Ghost, Spirit, Breath, Blood, Prana, Life Force, Qi, Chi, and Kundalini. It’s closely related to the four elements – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and a fifth, Aether, reflecting the principle “As within, so without. As above, so below.”

The Vagus Nerve serves as a central conduit, connecting all seven energy centers (chakras) and major organs, spanning from the mid-brain to the genitals. The seven chakras encompass the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Scalar energy, the interplay between milk and honey, and the exploration of esoteric and occult knowledge play essential roles in this inner alchemy practice. It emphasizes the liberation of the body from the constraints of the mind, with the understanding that the human nervous system doesn’t differentiate between thinking and doing; it absorbs and responds to both.

The text delves into the role of blood, plasma, and cerebral spinal fluid in this practice. Cerebral spinal fluid is closely related to sea/salt water, aiding in the conduction of electrical signals. It contains neurotransmitters, proteins, and hormones, unifying the nervous and vascular systems into a single entity.

This fluid, often referred to as Jing or the Vital Life Force in Daoist teachings, is said to permeate both inside and outside us. It’s also linked to DMT and Melatonin production.

Furthermore, the practice explores the use of sound and vibration for healing, promoting an internal expression that reverberates through the physical and into the earth and the ether. Over time, cumulative nerve stimulation enhances the amplification of the Vagus Nerve connected to the pineal and pituitary glands.

Flexing or pumping the sacrum and squeezing the perineum emphasizes their role in encouraging the movement of cerebral spinal fluid up the spine. This action mimics the contraction experienced during an orgasm and is believed to help move the fluid, potentially leading to increased production. Cerebral spinal fluid plays a protective role in the nervous system and is present in the ventricles of the brain.

The Ventricular System, responsible for circulating and producing cerebral spinal fluid, is believed to circulate up to three to four times daily along the microcosmic orbit. This orbiting is thought to produce around 600 ml of fluid daily.

The concept of inner alchemy further highlights the role of the Claustrum in producing a secretion that travels through the Vagus Nerve, picking up the Germ Seed and returning to the Pineal/Pituitary Body. This process involves mixing essential minerals and salts, saliva, breath, cerebral spinal fluid, Germ Seed, Melatonin, and DMT.

It is suggested that DMT is released during birth and death, raising questions about whether DMT release also accompanies rebirth or enlightenment.

A Profound Inquiry into Identity and Purpose with Self Awareness

  • Understanding Self: Who am I, and why? What do I represent, and why is it important?
  • Control and Choices: Am I directing my actions, thinking critically and making conscious decisions?
  • Self-Love and Respect: Can I truly extend love and respect to others if I do not first grant it to myself?
  • Expressing Authenticity: Do I communicate my subjective truth openly and confidently?
  • Reverence for Nature: How do I regard and interact with all living organisms and entities within our world?
  • Confronting Fears: What fears or denials might be driving my actions or inaction?
  • Ownership of Actions: Am I taking responsibility for my experiences, avoiding victimhood and blame?
  • Addictions and Distractions: What might I be using to divert my attention or to escape from reality?
  • Defining Success and Wealth: Could optimal health and personal growth be recognized as facets of wealth and wisdom?
  • Emotional States: How frequently do I find myself expressing happiness, laughter and joy as opposed to experiencing pain, stress, anxiety or depression?
  • Presence: Am I truly living in the present moment, HERE & NOW, recognizing it as the stepping stone to creating our reality?
  • Immediate Actions: What can I do in this moment to positively impact how I move, think and feel?
  • Observation vs. Judgment: Can I fully observe myself and the world around me without cascading into criticism and judgment?
  • Contribution: Am I Aware of the consequences of my Thoughts, Choices, Words and Actions? 
  • Responsibility: Do I take 100% ownership and accountability for  all of my thoughts, behaviours, feelings, states and circumstances?
  • Confidence: Do I Listen to my Intuition, Exercise Free Will, Apply Self-Care, Love Myself and have genuine Self-Belief?
Breathwork Sunshine Coast

How do we CREATE Self Awareness?

Aligning Choices and Actions with Core Values

Achieving “Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health, and Awakening” and incorporating it into your daily life choices may look something like this:

Embrace each moment, often referred to as the ‘PRESENT,’ as it stands inherently as a profound gift—an ongoing offering that perpetually gives and represents the only instance where creation burgeons. This ‘NOW’ forms a conduit through which creation meanders, infusing our body and blood, and paving the way for Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health, and Awakening. Harness this incessant gift of the present moment to sculpt your reality, actively shaping both your internal and external realms. Our bodies, acting as mirrors of our self-beliefs, intertwine seamlessly with the spirit, both reflecting and fostering creation that has the capacity to transcend beyond our physical world. Amidst this journey, always anchor the remembrance of your intrinsic power, recognizing that you are a being capable of profound, conscious creation and transformation.

Conscious Living: Stepping into a Vibrant Authenticity

  • The Paradox of Change:
    Life’s only constant is change. How can the ever-evolving nature of existence be its sole permanence?
  • Understanding Self:
    How do I perceive and treat myself?
    What beliefs and narratives shape my internal dialogue?
    Where have these beliefs originated?
  • Existential Queries:
    How did I arrive at this point in life?
    Where did I come from, and where am I headed?
  • On Compliance and Consent:
    Do I thoughtlessly adhere to what I’m told without discernment?
    Who benefits from my compliance?
    Could my decisions inadvertently harm others?
  • Authenticity and Relationships:
    Am I genuine in my interactions?
    Do I adjust my behavior based on the company I keep or to gain approval?
    Do I often feel compelled to please others?
  • Decision Making:
    Am I truthful with myself when making choices?
    Do I possess the courage to decide?
    Am I curious or close-minded?
  • Perspective and Truth:
    Everyone has their own truth; do I feel a compulsive need to always be right?
    Am I receptive to different viewpoints? If not, why?
    Is there an objective truth that stands independent of personal beliefs?
  • On Free Will:
    Do I confidently exercise my freedom to choose
    Do I blindly believe what I hear, see or read and repeat that narrative?
    Are my choices authentic, or have I been coerced?

What Am I Creating and Contributing toward?

Aligning Conduct with Values

Beginning with a deep introspective examination, reflecting on core values often invites individuals on a journey of self exploration to realise their foundational beliefs, acting as a personal anchor. These fundamental self-beliefs encompass virtues such as health, integrity, and kindness, implicitly and explicitly guiding actions and thoughts across a multitude of life scenarios. Not only does ensuring individual behaviours and practices harmonize with these intrinsic values maintain inner peace, but also, conducting regular self-audits ensures that one’s investments of time, energy, and resources consistently align with these core values, safeguarding against potential discord between beliefs and actions.

Embarking on the Journey to Self Awareness & Empowerment!

Transitioning towards empowerment involves embracing intentional living, whereby life unfolds for an individual, presenting opportunities to consciously create one’s destiny. Engaging deliberately with various aspects such as thinking, choosing, and adapting, this journey involves practicing numerous positive behaviours and mindsets, like self-trust, resilience, and honesty, among others. Moreover, adopting a practice of recording personal experiences, reflections, and introspections through methods like journaling can emerge as a powerful tool. It not only provides a tangible record of the journey but also acts as a mirror, reflecting patterns, growth, and areas that require attention, thereby aiding in meaningfully navigating through life’s path.

Harnessing Resources for Change

Consequently, utilizing and continuously building upon existing resources, skills, and attributes becomes pivotal in catalysing and sustaining change. Engaging with various resources, seeking experiences that foster growth, and accessing professionals in desired fields enables individuals to construct a robust scaffold for development and transformation. Additionally, by embracing ongoing learning and adaptation, individuals enhance their ability to envisage and materialize change in a manner that is enriching and sustainable.

Mindful Navigation through Nutritional Choices

Lastly, to navigate through the complex world of nutritional choices, an astute self awareness and mindful approach towards eating habits and food choices become essential. Conscious eaters often find themselves delving into the origins of their food, contemplating not just the immediate nutritional value, but also its production, sourcing, and broader socio-environmental impacts. This includes pondering whether food choices prioritize health, pleasure, or convenience and understanding the implications of these choices on personal well-being and wider systems, such as the local economy and environment. Such a mindful and comprehensive approach towards nutrition ensures the integration of both the personal and collective, ensuring that the act of nourishing oneself does not occur in isolation, but in harmony with larger ecosystems.

Prime Wellness: Unlocking the Pillars of Unsurpassed Health

Embarking on the self awareness journey to Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health and Awakening necessitates a pivotal exploration into our nutritional understandings and practices. Critical inquiries about the nutrient, mineral, essential salts, and fat content of the foods we consume become paramount: does our diet bolster or deplete our energy and sustenance? The digestibility of our food—whether our bodies can proficiently break it down or if it’s largely expelled as waste—also demands thoughtful contemplation. Recognizing the potential for food to serve not merely as sustenance but also as a form of medicine enhances our curiosities, propelling further exploration, experimentation and judicious consideration of our dietary choices as a path toward comprehensive wellness and enlightened living.

Reflecting on the Relevance of Our Dietary Inquiries

Navigating through this sea of questioning, one might ponder the relevance and resonance of these inquiries. Have such thoughts perforated your consciousness previously? Will these questions permeate your considerations the next time you source, purchase, or consume food? The profound importance of these inquiries lies not only in the active contemplation but also in the ensuing awakening of awareness around the choices we make and the underlying reasons propelling them.

Experiencing and Engaging with the Questioning Process

Significantly, has this exercise of questioning fostered an enhancement in Self Awareness around your choices and their motivations? Engaging with this inquiry, how has the questioning process impacted you emotionally and cognitively? Does it feel like a wholesome meal for thought, or is the information perhaps a little too rich to digest in one sitting?

A Holistic Approach to Digestion

We could venture further into the explorations of digestion, consumption and absorption—not only of food, thoughts, emotions or beliefs, but also what we sense, feel, hear and see: about ourselves, our choices, environment and recognizing how these elements collectively contribute to and create our internal and external realities. The trust that, through continuous questioning and reflection, and by listening to your intuition that you’ll begin connecting dots, realising that everything, in essence, is interconnected and interrelated, thereby amplifying a holistic approach to understanding your state of being. You are A Creator and exceptionally Powerful!

Self Mastery, High Performance, Optimal Health and Awakening with Adam

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