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Sacred Secretion

Nasal Breathing and the Secret of the Sacred Secretion

In the esoteric realms of spiritual practices, the concept of the Sacred Secretion, often referred to as the the “Generative Seed,” holds a mystique that transcends the ordinary. Additionally, this sacred process involves the generation and elevation of a vital life force within the body, and diaphragmatic nasal breathing is intricately linked to this alchemical journey. The seed also aligns with astrology, and is formed in the Solar Plexus when the moon enters your star sign at the time of birth each month.

At the heart of this practice is the Claustrum, where a tiny yet significant gland deep within the brain is found . Nasal breathing is believed to play a pivotal role in stimulating the Claustrum and producing cerebrospinal fluid. This leads to the secretion of a mysterious substance. Furthermore, this secretion, often associated with the concept of the Sacred Secretion, is thought to contain essential minerals, salts, and enzymes crucial for spiritual evolution.

Accordingly, nasal breathing’s connection to this process is multi-faceted. Furthermore, as air is drawn through the nostrils, it is filtered and conditioned, carrying with it the energetic potential needed for the alchemical transformation within the body. Additionally, intentional nasal breathing is believed to create a harmonious rhythm that activates the Claustrum and initiates the release of the Sacred Secretion.

The Sacred Secret

This sacred substance, once produced, ascends through the spinal column. It extends to the pineal and pituitary glands – the “third eye” centers associated with higher consciousness. Additionally, nasal breathing’s impact on the Claustrum is considered instrumental in the journey of raising this generative seed, facilitating spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The process is deeply symbolic, drawing parallels with ancient alchemical traditions, kundalini and the mystical teachings found in various spiritual disciplines. Furthermore, nasal breathing, as a conscious and intentional act, becomes a vehicle for the subtle energies associated with the Sacred Secretion to traverse the intricate pathways of the nervous system, aligning with the body’s innate capacity for spiritual evolution.

Harnessing Intentional Breath

In essence, the practice of nasal breathing, when approached with reverence and intentionality, becomes a key that unlocks the potential for inner alchemy. A germ seed is born in your solar plexus each month when the moon enters your star sign at birth. It is a sacred dance with the breath, guiding the seeker towards the mystical realms of the Sacred Secretion and the profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

This is just a tiny snippet of information regarding raising the Christ Oil within. If you want to read, learn and know more or practice this Inner Alchemy Journey, Ana Science Witch has amazing, easy to follow books and courses on her website.

Explore more about nasal breathings beneficial effects on raising consciousness.

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