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Breath Retentions and CO2 Tolerance:

Elevating Fitness and Well-being!

Let’s take some time to discuss why Breath Retentions and CO2 Tolerance will help and what benefits this practice may bring to our health…

Some interesting information and research I’ve found claim that conscious breath holding can give some great benefits, such as: It can help you to normalize or optimize your oxygen absorption and assist in releasing carbon dioxide more efficiently, creating a better balance of O2 & CO2 levels, you will also improve your blood and brain chemistry.

The Benefits of CO2 Tolerance & Breath Retention.

You can use breath holding to increase your resilience and your endurance, to strengthen your cardiovascular health, and your immune system. It supports you in remaining clear, calm, energized and focused, in the most stressful situations and in the most difficult moments.

*More red blood cell production therefore more efficient transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

*Increased mitochondria production, which is the part of the cell that creates energy.

*Increased your lung capacity/volume VO2max. Increased heart rate variability.

*Improved respiratory & lung function.

*Increased production of nitric oxide.

*Aids in preserving the health of stem cells promoting brain tissue regeneration.

*Enhanced anti-inflammatory effects.

*A stronger diaphragm and pelvic floor.

*Reduced stress, tension & anxiety.

*Optimized oxygen absorption into cells. Reportedly after 90 seconds, Adrenaline(epinephrine) is produced, which increases white blood cell functionality, immune efficiency and potentially reduces inflammation.

Brief Overview

As a Fitness Trainer or Lifestyle Coach, incorporating breath retention into your training regimen can revolutionize your clients’ health and fitness journey. From optimizing oxygen levels to boosting cardiovascular health and immune function, this practice provides a holistic approach to well-being. So, embrace the power of breath retention and elevate your clients’ fitness experience today!

Try some Breath Retention exercises here .

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